M. Martin Weijers’s contribution on DAC 6

NVAB BATL 202001023 Martijn Weijers

M. Reinout de Boer’s contribution on the transposition of DAC 6 into Dutch law and the effects for Dutch tax practitioners

NVAB BATL 20200123 Reinout de Boer

Madams Valérie Robbertz and Saskia Carstens’s contribution on the Dutch tax administration approach on implementing DAC 6

NVAB BATL 20200123 NL Belastingdienst

M. Alain Claes’s contribution on transposing DAC 6 into Belgium law

NVAB BATL 20200123 Alain Claes

M. Werner Heyvaerts’s contribution on the effects for Belgian tax lawyers

NVAB BATL 20200123 Werner Heyvaert